I love London

I’m new to WordPress. In fact I’m new to Blogging. I’ve never seen the point. I make the odd tweet, the odd Facebook update… occasionally even log in to MySpace, but words escape me sometimes. I want to make the funniest update, be followed by hundreds of people and loved by everyone of them. I would quite like my words in a book one day, even a newspaper or magazine. I can dream. This is a start.

So, “What brings you here” I hear no one shout. Well…

Yesterday, after an incredibly deflating incident, I found myself on the tube furiously typing an angry email. The anger was still very fresh in my head and I wanted to get every one of my thoughts down. I had no intention of ever sending the email, but it was so very cathartic. Do I now want to send the email, yes. Should I? Not sure.

Being on the tube was like being at my own personal counselling session, but instead of a counsellor in a quiet room, all I had was an phone keypad and a noisy tube. Did I notice anyone around me? No. Did anyone disturb me? No. Did the tube journey go quickly? Yes. Did I feel better afterwards? YES!

My new WordPress site is called ‘What’s Wrong With London?’. Now don’t get me wrong, I love London, but I also love a moan. Where better place to moan but the anonymity of the internet. I’ll be here, every now and then, with a little gripe or a silly update. It certainly won’t be a negative blog… But steer clear if you don’t like a good moan every now and then.

So ‘What’s Wrong With London?’

It flaps, it squeezes, it groans, it moans, it shouts, it weeps, it stinks, it pokes, it growls, it teases, it towers, it lies, it pushes, it shoves, it sweats.

It’s home. It’s mine.

I love London.

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